Poppy Challenge Blog Hop

I’m so happy to be taking part is this fabulous Blog Hop today!

I entered thinking I didn’t have a chance to actually be chosen to participate and I was so excited to have won a spot! Not only was I excited to take part in my first ever Blog Hop, but I was thrilled to receive two lovely poppy headpins to create something with as part of the challenge. Jo Tinley from Daisychain Designs is a talented artisan and I was excited to get to work with these poppy headpins that she made!

This little project also turned into something a little therapeutic for me which was greatly appreciated. Having lost my mom to ovarian cancer only 11 days ago I’ve been feeling a little lost and struggling with so many emotions. Having the deadline to get this piece of jewelry made pushed me to spend some time thinking about creating and it was a push I needed. Being creative has always been a great outlet for me to work out stress and I’m so grateful to have something I love to do that will help me along the way to healing.

The jewelry I create is typically feminine and easy to wear and these headpins fit perfectly into my design esthetic. I’ve recently started working with metals including silver, copper and steel and this was the perfect opportunity to mix these metals in one piece. As soon as I got my package in the mail with these lovely poppies I was certain of what I was going to make.

I started with annealed steel wire and formed it into a teardrop shape by hand. I then hammered it to give it a great rustic texture. I positioned the headpins where I wanted them and wrapped the copper around the steel. Once I was happy with the placement I sealed each piece with wax to protect the steel from moisture and added hand formed sterling silver earring wires. I love how these earrings turned out and I’m thrilled that the simple design showcases the beautiful poppies!

The fun of this Blog Hop is that you get to see how 6 different people use these poppies each in their own way! So be sure to head over to the other participants blogs to see what they created! The other participants are Jo from Daisychain Designs, Molly from Beautifully Broken Me, Kristi from Curiosities by K, Fiona from TizDuster and Jennifer from Glass Addictions.

I know I can’t wait to see for myself what they’ve created!

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13 thoughts on “Poppy Challenge Blog Hop

  1. Marissa, I am so sorry about your Mom. We lost a friend, a mum of three small boys, very suddenly to cancer very recently, and it’s just awful. I’m glad that being creative helps you and is theraputic, but be kind ot yourself, take it easy.

    I absolutely love your earrings! I wouldn’t have thought of mixing the three metals up like that, but it works beautifully, such a feminine yet modern design. I ended up using teardrops in my design too, but with a different look. Thank you so much for taking part in my challenge!

  2. So sorry to hear about your mom. It’s nice that the poppy challenge deadline helped you get a little relief (for lack of a better word) They turned out really cute. Love the simplicity of them.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I love the simple yet amazingly stunning design of your earrings! I have a hard time mixing metals, and you did it perfectly.

  4. Just naturally beautiful…creativity is a very useful outlet for grief. I can’t wait to see what other designs come out of your studio! So sorry for your loss…

  5. They are really lovely. So sorry to hear about your mom. It must be a difficult time for you. I will pop your blog into my google reader to keep up with you now.

  6. Marissa, I absolutely love your earrings – the simplicity of your design and the mixed metals showcase Jo’s poppies beautifully, and they are so wearable (I can envision them on my ears right now – lol). I’m sure that you are really missing your mom right now, and I am glad that getting into creative mode is helping with the healing process.Great job with this challenge!

  7. I am so sorry about your mom. I cannot imagine how you managed to even write coherently or create anything as beautiful as your earrings. I love the simplicity of the design and think they are just stunning.

  8. I am so sorry to read of your loss of your mother….I can’t imagine the depth of your grief and sadness. My heart goes out to you.
    Finding that a creative outlet helps to feel something other than overwhelmed is a wonderful thing….your earrings are beautiful…a lovely mix of metals!

  9. I am so sorry for your loss Marissa!! I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers!!
    The earrings are terrific!! The go to earrings that you could easily wear with everything! I love them!

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