Contest ~ Pin And Win!

Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am? If so then this is the perfect contest for you! (It’s a great one too if you’re just learning about Pinterest)

The rules are simple and the prize is a great one!

~ First, you must be a member of Pinterest. If you’re not a member and you would like to be, then send me a message and I will send you an invitationĀ  to join so you don’t have to wait on their waiting list and you can join in the contest.

~ Second, pin what you love from my Etsy Shop Sea Flower Studios. You must pin atleast one item for entry, but each item pinned is an entry into the contest. You can use the Pin It button you probably have in your toolbar (if you don’t have one in your toolbar see the instructions here how to get one), or you can use the handy “Pin It” button Etsy Provides on each product listing.

~ Leave me a comment here with a link to your Pinterest Account so I can see what you’ve pinned! Also make sure to leave me your email address so I can contact the winner!

~ This contest is open worldwide and ends February 5th, 2012 at Midnight EST. The winner will be announced on my blog and Facebook wall on Monday, February 6th.

What’s the prize? It’s this gorgeous Inverted Round Chainmaille Bracelet valued at $35.00! This was one of my top-selling items at Christmas so I know you will love it. It’s comfortable and will go with absolutely anything in your wardrobe! Good luck!

Win this Inverted Round Chainmaille Bracelet!!!
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17 thoughts on “Contest ~ Pin And Win!

  1. Melody.DuVal at gmail dot com

    Love your shop, but I did want to warn you, if we pin all 77 things we could definitely come under fire from the pinterest people as it’s against the pinterest TOU to use pinterest as a form of promotion :/

    1. Thanks for that point of view Melody! It’s been my understanding that self promotion (pinning your own items) should be done on a limited basis but I’ve seen several articles lately talking about using contests as a way to use Pinterest more appropriately for promotion purposes but I didn’t consider that pinning my whole shop would be an issue. I’ll edit my wording to be a little more “Pinterest Friendly”!

      Thanks for your entry! Good luck!

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