You Had Me at Mojito!

This is a new weekly series I will be posting. Some days we need little reminders of the small things in life that make us happy so each week I’m going to share 10 things that made me smile in the past week! Hope something here makes you smile and please feel free to leave a comment or share a link to let us know something that has made you happy this week!

1. Mojito’s on a patio with a couple good friends!

2. This poster made me giggle!


3. Warm enough weather to wear sandals finally!


4. Walking by the lake on nice sunny days.

5. Puppies!!!

6. Time at the cottage with my family.

7. The cutest little girl playing at the beach in a pink tutu!

8. Kawartha Dairy Moose Tracks Ice Cream (Family Tradition!)

9. Flowers that are starting to bloom.

10. My bare feet in the sand!

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18 Responses to “You Had Me at Mojito!”

  1. Hey, lovely idea, I think I will be stealing it, if you don’t mind! Honestly, I love mojito but once I reached the dyslexic poster I was out of control, not smiling but laughing wholeheartedly! Thank you!

  2. Your picks made me smile:) I love the if life gives you melons print and the little girl in the tutu on the beach was adorable. Great inspiration for the end of the week! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

  3. I love those sandals! What made me smile this week was getting my treasury on the Front Page for the first time!!

  4. Loved them all, and by the end, I realized I was smiling:):) Looking forward to next weeks:)

  5. Your picks are great.

    Things that made me smile this week, my daughter writing the word “Mom” for the first time made me smile and cry , So you think you can dance is back on, and Ice cold lemon water on the front porch.

  6. I love the title! The visuals were great too.
    This reminds me of a great, simple book entitled, “10,000 things to be happy about” I used to go through it and highlight the ones that spoke to me. It helped me get through the rough days.
    My favorite was the little girl in the tutu!

    Thanks for the smile!

  7. How fun! So many cute pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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