Prittyfy Yourself

Today I’m excited to introduce Inessa from the Etsy Shop Prittyfy. I met Inessa through the Promotional Frenzy Team which we both belong to and have been a fan of her jewelry since I first saw it. Inessa has been creative all her life and in 2008 started making jewelry. Inessa is a Civil Engineer by day and in her free time has many hobbies from taking classes to cooking to working with animal rescue. I’m impressed she finds time to create such beautiful pieces of jewelry! Inessa loves to travel and that is where much of her inspiration comes from. Take a look at just a few of the gorgeous pieces you will find in her shop!

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26 Comments to “Prittyfy Yourself”

  1. I love her work and I’m getting to know her as a great person too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. My wife loves that copper bracelet. A lot. Nice work.

  3. I love the copper bracelet too! She also has more riveted pieces in her shop that are gorgeous! And don’t forget to look at her hand-forged butterfly necklaces, and elaborate wire-woven pieces!

  4. Her items are absolutely stunning!!! great artistic talent!!

  5. I especially like her metal work. As somone who melts everything in site when trying to solder, I admire the skills of those who can work with this.

  6. Whoops…everything in sight. (not site)

  7. Very unique and beautiful items

  8. I love her stunning pieces and love the way she takes the pictures! Great job!

  9. I love Inessa’s work – very creative and unusual.

  10. Inessa has wonderful jewelry and great photographs!

  11. What great talent and originality!

  12. Pritty’s shop has some amazing pieces!! Love this feature.

  13. She has some ultra unique jewelry in her store. Not the “standard” jewelry that everyone makes. This (in my opinion) puts her above many jewelry sellers on Etsy. I’m so blessed to know the WONDERFUL jewelry artists of the Frenzy team…all their work stands out from the crowd!

  14. Inessa has great items! You can tell she puts a lot of time and hard work in to them.

  15. She makes so beautiful and unique jewelry. Thanks for sharing.

  16. The bangels on this shop are great!!!

  17. I love her metal cuffs! Great collection of jewelry!

  18. pritty has gorgeous jewelry!

  19. Pretty Pritty! Love your designs :)

  20. those metal cuffs are way cool ♥

  21. I love the copper cuff — It is really special.

  22. Love hear cuff bracelets! Didn’t know she was a civil engineer, that’s pretty awesome :)

  23. I thank Sea and everyone who commented on her post about my shop and I. Pretty Awesome Comments!

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