My Inspiration…A Follow Up Entry

I hope by now everyone has had a chance to read the Guest Blog entry written by April Bowles-Olin about how to find inspiration in every day things. If you haven’t take a minute now to do so, it’s a wonderful article.
I’ve decided today write a follow up to her blog entry. As she explained, regardless of how creative you are “life has a tendency to get in the way”. This has been very true over the last two weeks for me. I’ve been busy with other commitments and haven’t had the time or energy for my creativity to come through. This past week however I was signed up to take a class to learn enameling. It’s something I’ve wanted to learn for quite some time and a class I was very much looking forward to. The only problem was that with how busy I’ve been I knew I needed to get back into a creative mind frame to get the most out of the class. So the day before my class I decided to take April’s advice to try to get those creative juices flowing.
I’ve been staying in a beautiful area of Toronto and it was a gorgeous day so I decided to take a walk with my camera. Just as April suggested I left my cell phone at home so there would be no distractions. I walked through the streets and listened to crunching leaves under my feet, looked at beautiful displays in store windows, hunted through some antique stores for interesting things, sat in the chilly wind on the lake front and spent some time people watching. It was just what I needed to have some time to myself and get back to my creative mind frame. These are a few of the pictures I took during my walk.
Whether you realize it at the time or not what you see in your everyday life has an effect on what you create. I realized this later after my first day of class when I was looking at the photos I had taken and something caught my eye. I noticed I had taken a picture of an old rusty door lock. One of the pieces I had created in class had a very familiar rusty look to it. Have a look for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. It became clear that what you see and experience comes through in what you create whether it’s intentional or not.
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